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I think I can smell gas. What should I do?

If you are worried that you can smell gas you should immediately open all doors and windows.

Do not turn on or off any light/electrical switches, and extinguish any naked flames.


If any of your doors are controlled electrically, they must be opened manually.

Call British Gas emergency line 0800 111 999 who will call to disconnect the supply.

I’m a landlord. What do I need to do?

The law requires landlords to make sure Gas Safe Registered engineer performs a gas safety check every twelve months. You must also maintain all the pipes, appliances, and flues which you own and make available for your tenants to use.

Landlord Safety Certificates are the evidence that you have had a Gas Safe engineer check and approve the safety of your gas systems.

You must keep records of these checks:

  • Keep copies of records for at least two years
  • Provide copies of the safety checks to new tenants when they sign the lease
  • Give existing tenants a copy of the checks within 28 days of completing current checks.

Custance and Son work with a number of landlords to provide Gas Safe Registered certificates for all gas and oil appliances and systems.

What is carbon monoxide poisoning, and how can I reduce the risks?

Carbon monoxide is highly toxic. It has no taste, smell or colour.

When a gas appliance has been incorrectly fitted, badly repaired or poorly maintained, a toxic build-up of carbon monoxide can occur in your home. Carbon monoxide is highly poisonous substance, and it’s produced by the incomplete burning of gas.

Other sources of carbon monoxide include blocked chimney flues, and oil and solid fuels such as coal, wood, and petrol.

Even breathing in small amounts of the gas is extremely dangerous and cause serious harm such as paralysis and brain damage.

Always have your gas appliances checked every twelve months by a Gas Safe engineer.

To keep safe between checks, look out for:

  • A lazy orange or yellow flame on your cooker (it should be crisp and blue)
  • Dark staining around or on appliances
  • Pilot lights that frequently blow out
  • Increased condensation inside windows

In addition to having your annual Gas Safe check, you should also buy an audible carbon monoxide alarm to let you know if you have carbon monoxide in your home. These small devices should only cost about £15, they are widely available, and can be easily fitted.

You can learn more by looking at the Gas Safe Register's website

Should I switch off my boiler when I go on holiday?

Shutting down your boiler can cause extra wear and tear on expensive parts – which could cost more than it will cost to run your pilot light while you're on holiday. We don't recommend shutting down your boiler, even for the summer.

Do I need a new heating system?

An ageing heating system may not need replacing – we will give you honest, straightforward advice based on our experience. We're often able to extend the life of an existing system. And since we've been trading since 1970, we've seen most of what's out there, and will be able to advise out of our direct experience.

I've heard of powerflushing. What's that?

Central heating systems are like everything else in the house – eventually they get a bit sluggish. Powerflushing is a service where we clear out the sludge deposits that can build up inside your heating system’s pipework. Not everyone needs it, but some will find that it helps their radiators heat more evenly, reduces noise, increases heating capacity. It can also be good preventative care, to avoid more expensive costs in the future.

Can you service my gas fire?

Of course. If it runs on gas, we’ll service, repair, or replace it for you. Our priority is to keep you safe and warm.

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